Spotlight on Ingredients: Aloe Vera

In this series, I’ll briefly describe some of our favorite Watery Mountain Essentials ingredients and their benefits.

The earliest mention of the healing properties of aloe vera was discovered on a clay tablet from Mesopotamia dated 2100 BCE.  An Egyptian papyrus from 1550 BCE describes using aloe to treat both internal and external ailments.  As aloe spread around the world from its place of origin in Africa, it became part of traditional medicine in many cultures.  Today, aloe is popular worldwide and is cultivated commercially for use in foods and cosmetics.

While aloe readily grows in the wild in tropical climates, it’s also cultivated for use in foods and cosmetics.  It’s easy to grow as a houseplant on any sunny windowsill, too!

Aloe is best known for the gel that fills its fleshy leaves, which many believe to be effective in soothing the skin and healing minor burns.  It’s also moisturizing, which benefits both skin and hair.

As a natural, safe, and effective ingredient, aloe is hard to beat!  You’ll find aloe vera in many of our Watery Mountain Essentials products.  Our vegan-friendly aloe soap contains 5% aloe vera gel and is a treat for dry skin.  Aloe also makes an appearance in our vegan body wash, shampoo, and body lotion so you can enjoy its many benefits in a variety of ways!

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  • Lori Ann Hoch on

    Congratulations on the fantastic line of products.

    This article contains valuable information and history on the healing properties of aloe. I’ve used aloe in raw form to heal wounds and burns on myself (I’m a bit of a klutz). I’m glad that your products contain natural, holistic ingredients.

    Well done!

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