Spotlight on Ingredients: Palm Oil

Almost everyone has heard about the consequences of the irresponsible cultivation of oil palms.  From the displacement of indigenous populations, to the destruction of rain forests and the effects on endangered species and their habitats, palm plantations have been the target of numerous efforts to reduce worldwide demand for palm oil.

At Watery Mountain Essentials, we care about people, animals, and the planet.  So, why do our soaps include palm oil?

The palm oil you’ll find in Watery Mountain Essentials soap has been certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, a global organization that sets environmental and social criteria for sustainable palm oil throughout the supply chain.  You can read more about their mission at

We could replace the palm oil in our soaps and avoid this issue entirely.  However, that wouldn’t stop the abuse by unethical corporations that harm people, animals, and our planet.  Instead, we have decided to support – in a very small way – those who work to promote sustainable practices and human rights.

When we make choices about the products we buy we’re voting with our dollars.  Here at Watery Mountain Essentials, we vote for sustainable palm oil.  We hope you’ll join us!      

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