Vegan and Vegetarian Bath Products

Hopefully you’ve noticed that part of caring about people, animals, and the planet here at Watery Mountain Essentials includes carefully and accurately labeling our products. 

People make many different kinds of personal choices regarding the ingredients they’re willing to accept in their food and other products.  We honor those choices and want to be sure you know exactly which of our products are compatible with your lifestyle.

 Vegetarian friendly – look for the fruit and vegetable icon on our products

Vegetarians avoid animal flesh of all kinds, as well as products that require an animal to be killed, but many consume and use naturally-produced animal products, such as milk, eggs, and honey.  There are many different types of vegetarians, including pescatarians who avoid eating mammals and birds, but eat fish.

Most of our products are vegetarian friendly, including those that contain honey, beeswax, and goat milk, since obtaining those ingredients doesn’t harm the animal.

 Vegan friendly – look for the plant icon on our products

Vegans avoid all animal products, including those that don’t cause physical harm to the animal (for example, goat milk).  Beegans are a subset of vegans who use insect products, like honey and beeswax.

Many Watery Mountain Essentials products include plant-based alternatives to more traditional ingredients to ensure they’re vegan friendly.  For example, in our lip balm we’ve replaced beeswax with candelilla wax, sourced from a shrub native to the desert Southwest.

Whatever personal choices you make, and whatever your reasons for making them, you’ll find high-quality, effective Watery Mountain Essentials products that fit your lifestyle! 

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