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Miss Blissy Pet Products

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Miss Blissy is the leader of the Watery Mountain dog pack.  She enjoys the special products we handcraft for the gang and wants to share them with dogs everywhere.  These products are made with the same ingredients and care you've come to expect in all Watery Mountain Essentials products, because pets are family!

All Miss Blissy pet products are vegan friendly.

Pet shampoo – A gentle, pH-balanced shampoo to keep your pets clean and smelling fresh.  Available in two mild scents that are calming for dogs: Lavender Chamomile, Vintage Ginger and Freshly Mown Grass.

Miss Blissy Pet Shampoo is very concentrated so start with a small amount and add more as needed.

Choose from two sizes: Large (8.25) oz or Small (4.25 oz)

Paw Butter – Dry paw pads can be rough and painful.  Mango butter, olive oil, coconut oil and botanical candelilla wax make up this moisturizing butter that can be smoothed onto your dog’s paw pads to keep them in good shape all year round.

Choose from two sizes: Large (3.25 oz) or Small (1.5 oz)

Help Miss Blissy help other pets

Miss Blissy was born on St. Patrick’s Day 2008 and has lived with us since she was a tiny pup.  She knows she’s a lucky dog and wants to share her good fortune.  It can be especially hard for older pets to find a new home, so $1 from the sale of every Miss Blissy product will be donated to Paws for Seniors, a local organization dedicated to rescuing senior dogs and cats and finding them loving homes.

We know first-hand what important and often difficult work is done every day by this small, volunteer organization because four Paws for Seniors “graduates,” Bailey (a dog) and Mosby, Sirius and Orion (cats), share our home on Watery Mountain!

If you’re thinking about adopting a dog or a cat, or would like to volunteer or donate to this worthy cause, please visit http://pawsforseniors.org/

For more ways to help animals through your purchases, see our Products for Charity collection of soaps and lotions for humans!