About Us

Thank you for visiting Watery Mountain Essentials!  We're a small, family-owned business located on Watery Mountain outside of Warrenton, Virginia.

We have no employees, so every single one of our products is carefully handcrafted by our family for your family.  From formulation to packaging, we take great pride in providing you with safe, effective, high-quality bath and body products at a fair price.

Our products are made in small batches so they're always fresh.  We carefully source our thoughtfully-chosen ingredients from reputable suppliers who share our commitments to transparency, sustainability and ethical sourcing. 

Most of our products are vegan friendly and none are ever tested on animals.  A few contain naturally-produced animal by-products that do not harm the animal, such as goat milk, honey and beeswax.

Here at Watery Mountain Essentials we care deeply about people, animals, and the planet and bring that philosophy to everything we do.  We hope you'll join the Watery Mountain Essentials family!