Watery Mountain Scents


Mountain Magic

Complex, exotic, and sexy, this unisex scent blends musks and amber with patchouli and nag champa for a simply outstanding fragrance.  Strangers will stop you to ask about it!

Mountain Moss

A unisex scent that is musky, woodsy and earthy, with some floral elements to add depth and a touch of sweetness.  Very reminiscent of Aveda's discontinued Sap Moss line, which I once saw described as the scent of Tolkien's Middle Earth.

Mountain Peace

Sweet fruits and lush florals are grounded by vanilla and white musk.  This is a bright, happy scent with just a bit of intrigue.

Mountain Rain

A unisex scent that brings to mind the mountain after a spring rain.  Fresh, with a hint of flowers and moss.

Mountain Sunrise

A very feminine scent that defies easy description.  Fruits, florals, and candy are balanced by musk and amber.  The result is a fragrance that is both sweet and sexy.

Mountain Twilight

Aromatic sandalwood blended with creamy florals and white musk.  A scent that can bring calm and tranquility to the busiest of days.  




The fresh scent of the beach in the morning, including salty sea air and a touch of ozone.  A unisex fragrance that will have you imagining the wind in your hair and sand between your toes. 


The sweet scent of wild strawberries is taken in an unexpected direction with the addition of musk, making this a popular summer scent for both men and women.